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Based in Ludhiana (Punjab, India), Glee Industries is a company which serves its customers a spectrum of Fabrics of quality untouchable by any other company. Founded in the year 1970, we are one of the few oldest business entities in the market which has successfully attained a large customer base full of satisfied clients. We know that we initially prospered on the basis of quality, because this has been a major factor behind earning the contentment of customers. Along with the quality, the prices of our offerings are highly appreciated by the markets as we ensure to rate each one of our offerings at lowest costs so that more and more clients can afford it.

The Best Quality Semi Stiched Jaquard Kurtis And Knitted Fabrics Such As Plain Polyester, Polyester Super Dry(softy), Honeycomb/rice Knit, Nirmal Knit, Polar, Raising Fleece, Foma, Terry, Interlock , Sinker, Jacquards, Jespa, Feeder Striper, Grindle, Cross Dyeing, Single/ Double Jersey, Matty/pique, Double Pique, P-knit, Butterscotch Knit Etc.can Be Availed From Us.

Knitted Fabrics

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Our Team

Getting a job well done is basically an attribute which we seek to attain from our team. This objective is something which covers all the other factors, such as a team behavior, perfection in work, dedication to achieve, working sincerity, etc. Our team contains well educated and highly trained experts who understands the value of their job roles, and sincerely try to execute the given tasks. Each one of the personnel is highly dedicated to learn and enhance their skills. Owing to which, when we provide then any training sessions they give their best efforts towards learning new things. This is what helps us in improving ourselves and face new challenges.

The Ambition of Our Company

Although, we are a well established firm in this industry but we still are hungry to achieve more as even the sky is not the limit for our success. Some of the goals we have set are mentioned below:-

  • To be enough capable so that we can present our offerings to foreign markets and satisfy the overseas customers.
  • To always impress and satisfy each customer by making them avail a splendid quality of products.
  • To dominate the market in terms of quality of products, huge customer base and price differentiation.